Keeping Connect-ed: 3 months later

Data-based decision making is essential for the ongoing recovery from COVID-19. For the last 3 months, hospitality and travel professionals from around the world have been keeping connected using RHI’s ‘Connect’ platform.

These secure and moderated industry forums have been a space for over 90 registered users, from 44 organisations, to ask questions, discuss insights and participate in hot topic surveys.

Hospitality users have contributed insights on a range of areas including:

  • challenges faced by HR during the COVID-19 outbreak,
  • the industry’s C&B and staffing response to the pandemic,
  • the importance of HR risk mitigation strategies,
  • 2020 senior level bonus management,
  • actual and projected salary increase survey for luxury properties,
  • planned changes to allowances and benefits.

Jasveen Sethi, Senior Reward Consultant at RHI, says:

“Connect is an invaluable platform for our hotel industry colleagues to ask questions and access insight from their peers in live-time. The recent hot topic surveys have provided users with data to support their decision-making, which is critical as the industry moves into post-pandemic planning.”

On our airline forum, Connect users have not only been networking, but reviewing materials and providing feedback on the development of the APDC’s international ground staff global compensation and benefits survey.

RHI welcomes new network groups and users to get connected, by emailing us for more information.




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