With an experienced global team, clever, customisable technology and practical off-the-shelf tools, we have a solution for all your HR challenges.

Our skilled consultants are united by a love of providing the highest quality support and innovative solutions to make your life easier – freeing you up to focus on what’s really important.

Having spent years working across the full spectrum of the human capital function, in leading HR consultancies and in-house, we set up Red House International to share our knowledge and insight with you.

Total Reward Solutions

We provide clever tools and smart solutions to manage all your reward needs. Whether you want help designing and implementing robust reward structures and processes, need support with due diligence for mergers and acquisitions, or you’re looking for outsourced HR consultancy – we have you covered.

As workforces change and new technology comes into play, job architecture frameworks must adapt to ensure the performance of your people and your business.

We provide robust structures and processes that help you stay ahead of the game, with job architecture, job descriptions and levelling frameworks that are fully customisable to suit your business.

At a time when equality and diversity legislation are ever-changing, our job evaluation methodology is designed to ensure compliance with the latest regulations. We’ll work independently to design, build and implement new systems and processes, or review your current systems and recommend improvements. 

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Effective reward structures are a vital part of managing your team in a digitised world, where pay increases are low and workforces are increasingly flexible.  

We review, develop and implement robust and streamlined procedures to help you recruit, retain and drive the performance of your people. Get in touch to find out more.

Bonus plans are notoriously hard to get right. Striking a balance between providing the right motivation without breaking the bank can be tough.

Badly designed plans – in which performance and pay don’t align – fail to motivate staff to perform. Over-complicated bonus plans fail to encourage buy-in, while under-funded schemes don’t generate a positive return.

We’ll work with you to create an effective, bespoke bonus plan that works for your employees and your business. Email us today to find out more.

The performance of your sales team is vital when it comes to business growth – and having an effective salesforce compensation plan, which creates a rewarding environment for both your team and company stakeholders, is a critical component of any business. 

Red House International works closely with you to review and design effective, consistent sales programmes that incorporate oversight and governance from your compensation team and align with your reward strategy.

Our sales compensation modelling tools make communicating results to your team both quick and easy, while providing comfort that funding fits your budget. Contact us to find out more.

Reduce errors and streamline your annual pay reviews with CompHub™ – our affordable and effective software, ideal for businesses that need a more powerful tool than Excel without the investment required for expensive enterprise software.

Save time on routine tasks such as transferring data, capturing changes and generating letters, and instead focus on performance management, identifying training needs and equal pay issues.

Designed for businesses with fewer than 6,000 employees in a single country, CompHub™ provides a transparent, consistent methodology for reviewing salaries.

  • Create salary review letters quickly and easily.
  • Export and import information between HR and reviewing managers, fast.
  • Produce clear, accurate reporting, thanks to real-time data visualisation and analytics.
  • Create cost-effective total reward statements.
  • Keep salary data secure, in a centralised spreadsheet.

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Equality and Diversity

Need help keeping up with ever-changing equality and diversity regulations? Red House International can help. We have the technology, tools and methodology to help you develop an inclusive culture, comply with equality and diversity legislation, and reduce the risk of equal pay claims.

The move to introduce new gender pay reporting requirements is more than a trend, and with regulations differing significantly from country to country, you need a thorough understanding of local legislation to ensure you report the right data.

Our gender pay reporting software – GapHub – contains effective, easy-to-use tools that provide a full audit trail and benchmarking analytics, so you can compare your position to the competition.

With a strong track record of getting the reporting right first time, every time, our consultants have supported some of the world’s best-known businesses. Our robust approach to data collection, analysis and reporting is designed to ensure consistent reporting, year after year.

Get in touch today, and let us guide you through your reporting obligations. 


In an age of increasing pressure to demonstrate compliance with equal pay legislation, our comprehensive equal pay audits identify and address the risks posed by unequal pay. Is your organisation safe?

  • Talent and culture risk: even the perception of unfair pay practices can make your company less attractive as an employer.
  • Reputational risk: equality is a hot topic in both broadcast journalism and social media, and protecting your brand reputation is vital.
  • Litigation risk: are you at risk of equal pay claims?
  • Commercial risk: establishing a robust equality strategy makes good business sense.

We use qualitative and quantitative techniques, tests and methods to assess your performance against the risks above, and advise you on any weaknesses that need addressing.

Get in touch to find out more about the ways in which our equal pay audits can protect your business and help your organisation to thrive.

CEO pay ratio reporting has become law in both the UK and the USA. Against a backdrop of pay fairness, getting the numbers wrong possesses a significant reputational risk – yet many firms are still unclear of their reporting requirements and timing.

At Red House International, we help our clients collect, review and audit their CEO pay ratio figures and calculations. Contact us today to find out more about the tools and techniques we use to help you meet your reporting obligations.

With information on gender pay becoming increasingly available, establishing and communicating a strong diversity and inclusion (D&I) strategy has never been more important.

Clear communication about your equality strategy helps to mitigate equal pay claims, and sends a clear message that D&I is a priority for your business – and the more diverse the business, the more successful.

At Red House International, we help our clients:

  • Develop a strategy that encourages employee ownership and accountability.
  • Produce effective webinars that explain D&I regulations and dispel myths.
  • Design and set diversity targets.
  • Visualise progress against those targets.
  • Review and improve existing diversity programmes.

Get in touch and discover how our research, technology platform and engagement model can help your business thrive.

Data Analytics & Pay Surveys

Transforming HR analytics from a back-office activity, often managed by the IT department, to a front-office operation requires a cultural shift. We’ll work closely with you to deliver this change, creating robust, streamlined processes and providing the data you need to make the decisions that drive performance.

Do you need to tap into a new, tricky or unresponsive market, or gather data in a segment that’s notoriously hard to reach? We can help.

We’re skilled at identifying and reaching out to the right participants, proactively encouraging their feedback and securing their involvement.

Our customised market data surveys equip you with the information you need to make smart business decisions that put you one step ahead of the competition. And our easy-to-use data platform, RewardHub, extracts, analyses and presents that data in a format your decision-makers need to do their job effectively.

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Being able to analyse the human capital resource within your business helps you deploy the skills you have available in the most effective way. But with data stored in different locations and different formats, it can be hard to pull everything together – let alone present your findings in a way that makes them easy to analyse and act upon.

Red House International is here to simplify the process. We go beyond traditional reporting procedures and ad hoc analytics, using smart software and years of experience to gather, analyse and present our insights in a format that enables you to make smart business decisions – from reports, dashboards and scorecards to mobile and desktop resources.

We’ll develop a customised, efficient HR data management strategy that delivers relevant and timely analytics that are ready to share with your team and your stakeholders as and when they need them.

We’ll help you act on those insights to create robust and streamlined structures, policies, procedures, processes and controls that drive performance. Get in touch to find out more.

Even with a strong team of data scientists and a great technology platform, understanding and getting results from your data can be hard work! Embracing the business change that’s needed to embed analytics into your systems, processes and applications requires buy-in from your leadership team – but the results are worth the effort.

We combine tried and tested methodologies with predictive analytics – a concept based on machine learning – going beyond the counts, sums and averages to produce real insights into your business performance.

Whether you prefer to use Power BI or Tableau for your analytics, we’ll create customised and powerful analytics solutions that’ll help you identify trends in your data, manage risk, solve problems, and make better business decisions.

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We believe data analysis and visualisation should be included as standard, rather than an expensive optional extra. Whether you use Red House International to carry out bespoke surveys or you prefer to handle them yourself, we can analyse and present your survey data in a clear, easy-to-understand format that helps your leadership team to make the right decisions for the future of your business.

Our integrated analytics platform, RewardHub, quickly and securely imports, processes and analyses data from any source, in any location and in any format. It uses traditional and advanced methods to manage your pay data and to generate and present a range of survey analytics, fast.

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Human Capital Advisory

Our human capital advisory and transformation practice is designed to accelerate the digitisation and reduce the transactional burden of your HR function. World-class talent combines with expertise and skills to guide you from strategy to implementation.

Fully-mobile audit technology is the key to recognising procedural red flags and risks, both within and across business units. Red House International’s ‘AuditHub’ is a one-stop shop for your HR and operational audits, encompassing:

  • A single SaaS platform, providing restricted access to business units as well as regional and corporate offices
  • Pertinent and customisable questions to review your SOPs, policies and practices
  • Fully-mobile, company-branded technology, allowing for ease-of-use and save-and-return for team members
  • Clear analytics and reporting, both within and across business units
  • Escalation of red flags to accountable parties
  • Triggered action planning, to ensure that change is affected
  • Online training, to drive the engagement of participating team members

Whether you work across one location or numerous regions, in one business unit or many smaller teams, AuditHub makes recording and reporting audit findings quicker and easier than ever before.

And, with findings that are easy to share across all levels of management, any anomalies or areas of concern can be immediately highlighted and acted upon, before they have a chance to impact your business performance.

Talk to us to turn a tick-box exercise into a simple process that drives compliance and efficiency.


Developing and implementing a robust, streamlined human capital strategy with Red House International typically starts with a discovery process. We’ll begin by extracting and analysing the relevant data from your business – working closely with you to establish where you are and where you want to be. We’ll then combine your data and our expertise to develop an agile plan, business systems and processes to get you there.

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We work closely with clients to support both the due diligence and the design and implementation stages involved in mergers and acquisitions.

Our expert consultants have wide experience of integrations across a range of industries, and can either provide remote M&A project support or work in-house as part of your team, helping you to integrate robust and streamlined human capital structures and processes.

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Does your business lack the core policies and processes needed to ease the administrative burden and support your HR teams? Do you find yourself being asked the same questions again and again on what should be straightforward, transactional HR?

We’ve developed a portfolio of tried and tested policies that are quick and easy to customise for your business – whatever industry you’re in, and wherever in the world you are.

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With so many ongoing processes, daily transactions and strategic projects to work on – not to mention the inevitable sickness and holidays – having an under-resourced HR team can be a struggle. Our team of skilled, experienced consultants are here to support you during those times – either working in-house as part of your team, or by providing remote consultancy.

Getting all of your HR team in the same room once a year can be difficult and costly – particularly if you’re running a global business!

Our clever online conferencing software is the solution. Host two days of virtual online conferences, with speakers dialling in when you need them, or run your event over four or five half-days, so your team can continue to manage their day-to-day workload.

Team members from different business units can register their interest, receive automated reminders, and join the conference from their laptop, tablet or mobile device – wherever in the world they’re based.

Our customisable conference packages provide a tried and tested structure for your event. We can even supply specialist speakers to educate or upscale your team on compensation and benefits, human capital, and operational performance.

Get in touch today, and find out how Red House International can facilitate your HR conference more effectively, more regularly and more affordably than ever before.

Are you a small business or an ambitious start-up that needs HR support but doesn’t want to employ a permanent member of staff? Or perhaps you’re a larger company that needs specialist HR support without the ongoing expense of a full-time employee?

Our HR Business Partner (HRBP) support packages are ideal for businesses looking to purchase a set number of hours each month. Perhaps you need help handling a tricky performance management situation, a one-off grievance, or an employment law issue. Call Red House International and, within 48 hours, an experienced and skilled HR consultant will be on hand to resolve the issue.

Concerned you may not use all your package one month? Don’t worry. A portion of the remaining hours carries forward to the following month. Get in touch to find out more about our affordable monthly HRBP support packages.

Resourcing your HR team can be a headache. Perhaps a member of your team has been signed off sick while another is on maternity leave… and with the holiday season approaching, you’re not sure how you’ll cope. You don’t want to bring in a full-time contractor to replace them, but your team simply can’t handle the day-to-day workload.

Stay on top of everyday compensation and benefits projects and processes, with Red House International by your side. Our skilled and experienced consultants can step in to fill the gap whenever you need an extra pair of hands – whether you want affordable part-time support or short-term in-house cover.

Contact us today to find out more.

It’s the peak time of year for compensation and benefits – and with salary reviews, bonuses, performance management and market data submissions all happening at once, chances are you’ll find your HR team under-resourced.

We’ve got your back. Our expert consultants can step in at any point of the process to manage ongoing admin and stakeholder engagement.

With a wealth of analytical skills, tools and experience, you can rely on Red House International to ensure your annual pay review processes run smoothly – leaving your team free to concentrate on strategic projects. Get in touch to find out more.

Let’s be honest – the annual market data survey submission process is a pain. You want the results, but often don’t have the time to complete yet another arduous data submission.

But poor-quality data results in poor output that undermines your benchmarking process – and this can damage the credibility of your data analytics with both your HR BPs and business stakeholders.

Red House International is here to help. We use the best in class data collection systems and workflows to directly manage your submissions – including a thorough cleaning and validation of all data – so your team can focus on more important matters.

We’ve managed and administered market data surveys both in-house and in consultancy roles. Our multilingual team can liaise with HR teams around the globe and respond to queries from your survey vendor.

Get in touch to discuss freeing up resource so you can spend your time delivering real value for your business.

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