Custom reward surveys

Sometimes you need market insights that aren’t available through the regular annual surveys.

Maybe you’ve been tasked with designing a new incentive plan, or you’re responding to some specific employee feedback and need more detail. Or maybe you’re expanding into a new market which isn’t included in the current surveys!

RHI has the industry experience and knowledge, tools and relationships to help.

Let us develop a custom survey which focuses on your specific needs and gets you the answers you’re looking for. We are leaders in the hospitality reward consulting field and have a network of contacts that allows us to target your peers. Our online data collection tools are easy to use, and we manage the data collection, cleaning and reporting process following strict confidentiality rules.

Data analyses can range from a simple summary of the results to a full comparative analysis with recommendations, design input, and a presentation to your senior executives.

If you’ve got a project you need outside support and expertise to complete, contact us to discuss.

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