HICS CALA survey and network group

We are delighted to announce that the Hotel Industry Compensation Survey, Caribbean, and Latin America group (HICS CALA) has partnered with Red House International to manage their annual survey – using RHI’s fully customised platform ‘RewardHub’.

The HICS CALA survey includes data for multiple compensation & benefits components and in-depth analysis covering 14 countries and over 50 positions. Leading hotel companies operating in the region use the survey results to benchmark their pay and HR programmes to ensure they remain competitive in the industry.

Judi Craig, Associate Partner and Steering Committee Leader:

“Robust and accurate market data reporting is more important now than ever. The impact of the global pandemic has changed the way we work forever. The hospitality industry was arguably one of the hardest hit, and companies have had to become more agile and flexible as a result.  The pressure on cost savings resulted in leaner structures and many components of the total reward package are under increased scrutiny. How will you use data to ensure that you are attracting the right talent in the market and remaining competitive, whilst also controlling your costs?”

Membership for the 2022 HICS CALA survey is open for applications, subject to Steering Committee approval. Members not only gain access to valuable data but, at our annual conference, you’ll also connect with an extensive global network of industry experts who can provide insights and support. Contact us for more information and membership options.




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