AuditHub – are your policies and practices fighting fit?

Fully-mobile audit technology is the key to recognising procedural red flags and risks, both within and across business units. Red House International’s AuditHub is a one-stop shop for your HR and operational audits, encompassing:

  • A single SaaS platform, providing restricted access to business units as well as regional and corporate offices
  • Pertinent and customisable questions to review your SOPs, policies and practices
  • Fully-mobile, company-branded technology, allowing for ease-of-use and save-and-return for team members
  • Clear analytics and reporting, both within and across business units
  • Escalation of red flags to accountable parties
  • Triggered action planning, to ensure that change is affected
  • Online training, to drive the engagement of participating team members

With audits, analytics and action planning at your fingertips, audit is no longer just a tick-box exercise. Contact us today to discover how AuditHub can ease audit administration and drive performance.

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