“Robust and accurate market data is vital for growth. How will you use data to attract and retain talent, whilst also controlling your costs?”

The Caribbean and Latin American Hotel Industry Compensation Survey (HICS CALA) has partnered with RHI to conduct the most comprehensive hospitality reward survey in the CALA market.

The property benchmarking survey includes over 360 hotels across 15 countries and continues to grow in response to changes in the labour market and the industry overall.

This annual survey contains the market insights you need to develop industry-competitive reward structures, policies and practices and includes hourly and annual pay data as well as allowances, benefits, incentives and bonuses, perquisites, pensions and working hours.

Membership in HICS CALA provides access to:

  • Property data for 195 benchmark jobs across 12 departments
  • Corporate/Regional Roles Survey for above-property roles in specific CALA markets
  • Salary Increase Survey – 3 per year
  • Hot Topic Research Surveys – 3 per year
  • Participation in the Annual Conference

Contact us for more information and to become a member of HICS CALA.