Hotel Industry Rewards Group EMEA Survey 2021

RHI is delighted to launch the planning phase of the Hotel Industry Rewards Group (HIRG) EMEA Survey 2021. This survey provides critical data regarding hotel employee salary, bonus, allowances and benefits from 46 companies across 44 Europe, Middle East and Africa countries. The bi-annual Regional Roles Survey, reporting data on regional office employees in Europe and the Middle East, will also launch in 2021. Whilst the main survey has been on-hold during the COVID-19 crisis, current and new members are able to access existing country market data reports to assist with their 2021 planning.

Judi Craig, Associate Partner at RHI, describes the importance of access to market data:

“Robust and accurate market data reporting is more important now than ever. As the industry rebuilds and moves towards recovery from the pandemic, structures will have been made leaner, pay may have been adjusted and allowances suspended or removed. How will you use data to ensure that you are attracting the right talent in the market, whilst also controlling your costs?”

The survey is hosted on RHI’s RewardHub platform, which provides a unique technology to manage data submission and reporting at a corporate, regional and hotel level. It includes all supporting elements of the process that have previously been managed offline and over email, including the hot topics surveys, annual conference and networking forum.

Victoria Laidler, Co-Founder and Partner at RHI, says:

“Having worked within participating companies, I know what a challenge it can be to ask upwards of 200 hotel HR staff to complete a survey. That’s why we’re so excited about the RewardHub platform – it has been developed to make the process as simple and intuitive as possible for on-property staff, whilst providing regional and corporate offices with clear oversight of the process. In addition, the reporting allows users at all levels to slice and dice the data to gather insights relevant to their properties.”

Whilst the HIRG survey was deferred in 2020 due to the COVID-19 crisis, members have been staying connected through HIRG Connect – a secure, moderated forum for users to share insights and ask questions about market policy. The platform currently boasts 50 hotel users from 25 organisations across EMEA, with users participating in surveys including pandemic challenges and management, salary movements, bonus, allowances and benefits.

Contact us for more information about the HIRG Survey, including details for 2021 budgetting.




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