HIRG Conference 2020 – Re-emergence in the ‘new normal’

As the hotel industry re-emerges from the COVID-19 crisis, HR leaders must rethink their employee value proposition and staffing requirements from the ground up. Companies will have to make tough cost-cutting decisions, whilst never losing sight of the human impact on dedicated team members. The measures deployed today will have a tangible impact on the guest experience of tomorrow.

Join us at the Hotel Industry Rewards Group (HIRG) EMEA Conference 2020 to:

  • Hear key industry leaders share their experiences and advice.
  • Tap into RHI’s expertise to decipher data-based decision-making in the ‘new normal’.
  • Roundtable hot topics (example topics below) and network with peers.

Due to travel restrictions, this year’s conference will be held virtually, allowing members around the globe to attend three 2-hour conference sessions over the first two weeks of November. The conference is open to corporate and regional attendees from member hospitality companies, and attendance is at the discretion of the HIRG Steering Committee.

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The success of hotel firms in this ‘new normal’ will be based upon bold yet measured changes to their human assets.

       – Andrew MacLeod, Co-Founder and Partner of RHI


Example roundtable topics:

  1. Rapidly evolve your workforce structures: Clustering of roles across a portfolio will become a higher priority and inevitably there will be a flattening of hierarchical structures within hotels. Inevitably, the content of jobs will change: in some areas becoming more specialised, whilst others will have broader responsibilities. How are your operations restructuring their roles to compete?
  2. Align your reward strategy to your culture: Develop a better understanding of the reward components that deliver the most value and complement shifts in employee preferences and values. Firms will need to re-imagine every aspect of their workforce reward through a future-forward lens: how can your reward model trims costs whilst considering the employee experience?
  3. Double-down on employee engagement: As hospitality organisations reduce costs, it is essential to consider what makes a competitive employee value proposition. At the heart of any strong hotel operation is a great employee experience, with team member engagement and guest experience intricately interwoven. Getting the EVP right will elevate the human experience for both guests and employees; research tells us that companies who focus on creating a holistic human experience are twice as likely to outperform their peers in revenue growth over a three-year period. How will you focus on EVP?
  4. Rethink your Human Capital strategy: We believe that organisations thriving in the ‘new normal’ are those that take this time to rethink their human capital strategy while keeping an eye on the guest experience. Eventually, guests will be back and, while some of their preferences may have changed, attention to the details will always be in demand. An engaged and rewarded workforce will be critical to this success: what are your key elements for engagement?


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