New UK national minimum wage rates

The UK Government has accepted the Low Pay Commission’s recommendations for the new national minimum wage rates. Effective from 6 April 2021, the rates will be:

  • 23+: £8.91 (up from £8.72)
  • 21-22: £8.36 (up from £8.20)
  • 18-20: £6.56 (up from £6.45)
  • 16-17: £4.62 (up from £4.55)
  • Apprentice rate: £4.30 (up from £4.15)
  • Accommodation offset £8.36 per week (up from £8.20)

Alongside the annual report, the government also published the research (commissioned in 2020) which was used in informing this year’s recommendations:

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