Ireland Gender Pay Gap

The pay gap between women and men working in scientific research and development positions in Ireland is the largest in the European Union, with women earning on average 30 per cent less than men, research has found.

The European Commission on Monday released She Figures 2018, which presents key indicators on progress made towards gender equality in research and innovation, to mark the 20th anniversary of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science.

The research found that in 2014, Ireland topped the list as the EU country with the largest pay gap between men and women in scientific R&D positions, falling only behind Turkey, which was included in the research as a candidate country for the EU with a gap of more than 35 per cent.

The EU average pay gap between women and men in these positions in 2014 was 17 per cent.

While the number of women at European universities now outnumbers men, the She Figures 2018 report shows women are still a minority in top academic positions.

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