Deployment of Qualtrics

Red House International today announced it will be deploying Qualtrics as the technology platform to drive its research and insight projects, HR Audit and Employee Engagement solutions. Qualtrics, which was recently bought by SAP for $6 billion dollars, is the market leader in technology research solutions.

“Whilst the largest Human Capital firms are spending millions designing their own proprietary software, they are never going to be able to compete with the large tech firms that do this as part of their core business” says Andrew MacLeod, Partner at Red House International.

The enhanced software includes an advanced analytics module for its employee survey platform. This new capability is an add-on to existing Red House International Employee Engagement software, and is now available for implementation. The module enhances the software’s analytical capabilities by integrating and analyzing multiple sources of survey data alongside an organization’s own human resource information systems (HRIS) data. This will help organizations understand how employee opinions vary across multiple surveys and any information stored in HRIS, such as performance rating, reward, leadership or gender. The module’s simple interface and data visualizations will enable HR and people analytics professionals to quickly find answers to critical talent, HR and business questions.

The utilisation of Qualtrics makes Red House International’s software second to none.” said Victoria Laidler, Partner at Red House International. “HR teams need simple ways to house multiple data sets in one place and use them to produce critical insights. Until now, this has not been easy. Our new module allows clients to enter their current and historic data, and combines it with their own HRIS data, to create the deepest insights into employee engagement. This will allow clients to spend time providing leadership with insights, rather than struggling with multiple data files.

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