PulseHub – employee engagement for the hotel industry

Traditional employee engagement surveys aimed at Corporate Offices often don’t capture the meaningful feedback of property-based employees, nor allow property engagement leaders to quickly and effectively view and act upon their results.

Red House International’s PulseHub platform combines:

  • A hotel-focussed methodology – choose from our database of questions aimed at the employees who truly affect your guest experience;
  • Class-leading technology – fully-mobile, allowing your employees to take the survey on their mobile in a comfortable environment, thereby driving response rates;
  • A fully-customisable platform – meet your requirements and brand standards with branding training videos and layouts;
  • Data submission tracking in live-time – view response rates at a corporate and property level, allowing for focussed follow-up;
  • In-depth analytics – give access to both your corporate office and property engagement leaders, to cut and dice results as they require;
  • In-built action planning – share automated recommendations with departments heads, to improve those engagement drivers that maximise impact; and
  • Unparalleled customer support – use our in-built customer support and training to take the administrative burden off you and your properties.

All of this is hosted in one easily-accessible SaaS platform, driving your approach to improving engagement and thereby guest satisfaction and performance.

Victoria Laidler, Partner at Red House International, says

Employees are the life-blood of the hotel industry. Their commitment to guest satisfaction and their property is critical for the business, and only by asking the right questions and delivering meaningful answers can we truly drive their engagement.

Contact us today to discover how PulseHub can affect your employees’ engagement.

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